Take control of your home or office.Control of light, shutters and other electronic devices has never been so easy.

  • Convenient control of shutters
  • Efficient light management
  • Optimal temperature control
The Exalus Home System will not only let you save time and energy, but you will gain comfortable supervision of your home. The home device control system is not a gadget, but the future that has just arrived!
  • Efficient transmission in the 868 MHz band with 128 bit coding
  • The actual status of devices owing to bi-directional communication at 868 MHz
  • Full compatibility with devices from the PORTOS control system in unidirectional technology at the frequency of 433 MHz
  • Convenient control from any place using a dedicated application or browser
  • A simple and intuitive process of installing and configuring the system


12-channel remote control

A recipe for comfort at your home? 5 buttons and 12 different channels make the NX-Bidi remote an effective management center, among others of the lighting and shutter system. It enables activation of scenarios, designed during configuration, that control devices connected to the Exalus Home System.

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